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Farnsworth House

Farnsworth House (spray paint, marker and wall paint on wall. Groningen 2018)


The visitor experiences this image indoors. Also, the image generates an illusion as if the viewer was inside of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House (Plano, Illinois 1951).

Architecture plays a continuing role in Sciarone’s work. In this case the artist was inspired by the Farnworth House; this building creates beautiful harmony with the surrounding nature. The minimal approach results in such richness, this phenomenon made him want to choose this perspective where you look right out of the Farnsworth House.

The saturation in the wall painting accentuates this aspect, only the background (which is actually a reduced photo of sunrise) uses color (CMYK) to communicate. If this photo was printed in a newspaper with the size of just one centimeter, it would look kinda like the ‘sky’ in the painting.

Then there is the car. This 80’s looking car David Sciarone designed while studying different car designs. He believes it matches a lot better than the 40’s and 50’s cars that were placed next to minimalist bungalows of this time. It’s about the communication between vehicle and building, they compliment each other. Sciarone hates most car designs nowadays, his mind wants to explore esthetical choices in car design. This car ‘Aerious1’ (hatchback) is the first in a series of designed concepts.

In 2014 Sciarone used the claimed quote ‘Less is more’ as visual basis of the image. Now, as second mural in which he chose to relate to Van der Rohe, this quote is used as a reminder that reduction helps to gain visual purity and harmony. He enjoys it when a viewer discovers the hidden patterns that show the logical rules that were used to create this image.

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