Urban Proposal One

(installation, 14 x 2,75 x 2,75 m, Groningen, 2018)


This life size installation can be seen as a 1:1 model of a part of an urban environment. The focus here lies on the illusion that appears when one chooses to see this urbanistic proposal as a reality. Whereas the work of art itself is in a virtual cured space of 14 x 2.75 x 2.75 meters, the visitor is free to fantasize that this is just a part of a metropole, where the size and other possible specifications are still free for interpretation.


Returning subjects in my works are graphics, architecture, graffiti and (car)design. Often there’s a reference to decades of the 20th century, for example the eighties. Aspects out of those times are being applied today because they are still relevant, especially now!

The concept is superior to the material, a wall often serves as carrier because it is more direct than whenever there would be a canvas in between. My wall paintings are often in relationship with the surrounding area. Big designs are often necessary to relate to the physical context. The work can broach in this relation subjects of questions or a critical nature, or even accentuate aspects of its context and with that start a connection within a space or urban situation.


The surrounding area is already present inside this installation. What is created is an inherent physical context which is designed in the favor of the leading subjects of the installation: the sportscar and the wall painting.

They are being connected by a carrier existing out of cut and styled architectural elements: parts of a street with a sidewalk and a wall of a building. Why this piece of city is different from existing cities, is the cohesion that comes into existence when all elements are designed by the same principles. The wall, which can be seen as graffiti, as well as the pavement and the sportscar are being created through the same persons aestetical point of view: everything works together.


The wall painting; ‘Aerious Composition Three’ is the third in a series of wall paintings where letters form the base. However, the letters aren’t being used to transfer a meaning in the literal form, it’s about the composition and the visual appeal of the combined graphic action.


The car; ‘Aerious Sport Shooting Brake One’ (AERIOUS SSB1) is the second design in a series of concept-carrosseries. The car is strongly inspired by the folded paper era during the seventies, where straight lines were crucial. About the term shooting brake Topgear writes the following: The official meaning of a shooting brake is a vehicle to transport your hunting gear; originally regarding to extended coupés with three doors.